Stolen Laptop Protocol

While this document refers to laptops, this also applies to other similar network devices like cellphones, iPads, etc.

  1. Advise the resident* to report the stolen laptop to the police, ASAP and give you the Case Report Number for reference. (We cannot consider any item to be "stolen" until a police report has been filed.) Also let them know that they shouldn't expect anything, but if there are any updates to the situation and/or their laptop is found, someone else on Stanford staff (not you) will inform them.
  2. Send the the Case Report Number to the Information Security Office (ISO) and the Networking Group They will know what additional steps to perform, while pulling you completely out of the loop.
  3. Advise the resident to complete the "Report a Lost/Stolen Device” form at The University will need to know if there is data on the device that may warrant additional action on their part (99% of the time, for undergrads, the answer is no, but they still need to know this).

*If you send the information to the police directly, you will then become a witness in the case. By sending the evidence to the ISO and Networking, they will investigate further and become the witness in your stead.

If you are unclear about this protocol, please consult a member of full-time staff for advice before considering any actions.


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