Adding a Printer to a computer running Linux

Disclaimer: The following instructions were provided to us from a student who managed to successfully add a printer to their computer running Linux.  As we have no Linux computers for testing, we cannot confirm the accuracy or success rate of these instructions.  Let us know if they do or do not work for you!  Thank you!  -- Printing Team


Add the Print Queue for Linux

1. Make sure you have the CUPS daemon installed and running.
2. Navigate to http://localhost:631/ in your browser; if CUPS is running, you will see the interface.
3. Add a new printer, and log in as "root" when prompted for credentials (image 1).
4. Select "LPD/LPR" printer as the printer type.
5. Enter "lpd://" as the connection (image 2).
6. Select "Canon" as the printer make, and "Canon imageRunner 330s" as the model.
7. Allow CUPS to use default printer settings.


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