Connecting a device that does not have a web browser

Devices without a browser such as handheld gaming devices, DVD players, and "Smart TVs" can be registered remotely in order to get them on the network. You can do this from any device that already has internet access.
  1. In a browser, go to and follow the prompts. (If you've already registered at least one device you can click the "Skip to my registrations" link). You'll reach a page that should list all of your registered devices.
  2. Click "New Registration" and agree to the network policy (you should probably read the network policy every now and then, so you know what you're agreeing to). 
  3. When the registration tool asks "Is this computer (the one at which you are currently staring) the computer that you wish to register?", select "NO".
  4. Enter details about the device you are attempting to register. If your device isn't listed, select "other" and enter your device details manually. 
  5. Find and enter your device's MAC/hardware address. The method for finding your device's MAC address will depend on the device, but you can generally use a search engine to ask "find MAC address for xyz" where "xyz" is the name and model of your device.
  6. After you've entered the MAC address, you can follow the prompts to complete registration normally.


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