Connecting your streaming media player

The term "streaming media player" refers to anything that you connect to your television or audio system to watch or listen to content over the internet or your personal local area network.  This includes AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo/Echo Dot, Google Home, Roku, Chromecast, your home-built PC-based media center, SONOS etc.  If your gaming console or DVD player can connect to the internet, it also includes these too!  

The easiest way to register your streaming media player will be to use your computer to register it. To do that:

1. Find the MAC Address (also sometimes called a Hardware Address or an Ethernet Address) on your device.   It is 12 characters long (it looks like "01:23:45:67:89:ab"). Your device may have two -- one for the wired (Ethernet) network, and one for the wireless network. If that is the case, we recommend you use the one for the wired network for the best experience. Often it's printed on the box the device came in.

2. Using your computer, go to and start a new registration. When asked if you are staring at the device you are registering, click "No."

3. For Case Type and Operating System, choose "Other". Enter the model of your device in the "please specify" field.

4. Enter the address you got from step 1 into the Hardware Address field.

5. Continue registering your device like normal until you reach the third page ("Device").

6. Under Make & Model, select "Other" -> "Other (Wired)" for a wired connection or "Mobile" -> "Other (Mobile): for a wireless connection.

7. Adjust the hardware address fields on this page:

   * If your device can ONLY use the wireless network, then move the hardware address from step 1 from the "wired hardware Ethernet address" field to the "wireless hardware" field.

    * If your device can ONLY use the wired network, then leave it as is.

    * If your device can use BOTH, then find the other hardware address (the wireless / wi-fi MAC address) on your device. Enter that hardware address in the "wireless hardware Ethernet address" field.

8. Finish the registration.

9. Wait 15 minutes, unplug your device, and plug it back in.

10. If applicable, connect the device to the "Stanford Residences" wireless network.

11. Your device should be ready to go!



*This information comes from the Academic Computing Wiki:


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