Connecting as a student living off-campus

If you are a student living off-campus, IT Services has made Self-Registration available on the "Stanford" wireless networks around campus. If you connect an unregistered computer in an area that has this service, you should automatically be given the opportunity to register.

If self-registration is unavailable in your area, you can register for wireless network access by looking up your wireless hardware address and submitting a free request at or calling 650-725-HELP. When filing a HelpSU ticket, fill out the Request section with the following options:


• Request Category: Network Connectivity

• Request Type: Wireless

• Operating System: [select your system]


In the Request Description box, be sure to include the following information:

• State that you are a student living off-campus

• Your computer's make/model (e.g., Dell XPS, Apple MacBook Pro, etc.)

• Your computer's operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.)

• The primary locations where you will be connecting (e.g., libraries, Quad, your dept's building, etc.)

• Your computer's hardware address(es), including your Ethernet and wireless addresses.


Once your request is processed, you should be able to connect on your laptop to the Stanford network.


If you ever move back to campus, you should cancel your registration in the same manner and register as a student living on campus.


If you are affiliated with an academic department and plan on using a wired connection there regularly (declared undergraduate students or graduate students), you should contact your department's local network administrator and request to have your computer's hardware Ethernet address(es) registered with the campus network database. Click the following link for a complete list of local network administrators by department. Some departments will allow you to register yourself for a network connection. For a list of departments, visit the page on Stanford Network Self-Registration.


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