How do I set up a wireless printer?

Setting up a wireless printers can be challenging.  The first step is understand that as any other device, wireless printers must be registered on the Stanford Residences network!   Follow this process to set up your wireless printer in your room.

  1. Turn on WiFi connectivity on the printer.
  2. Navigate to the network settings on your printer and print out the configuration page.  This may be the most difficult part, as every printer is different. (You can find the instructions specific for your printer by doing a search for that printer's instruction manual).
  3. Once located, note the MAC address (also know as the hardware address).
  4. Go to on your computer and follow the links to begin a new registration.
  5. Be sure to click on "Other device" when on the Health Check Tool download page (don't download anything).
  6. On the actual registration page, (the one that comes up after you agree the terms and conditions), there are a wired and wireless form inputs.
  7. Enter the hardware address in the wireless field without the colons and leave wired blank.
  8. If you are going to configure the printer using a static IP, choose a memorable printer-centric hostname.
  9. Wait for 15 minutes and after waiting, restart your printer.
  10. Connect it to the network and look for it to show up in your list of printers connected to your computer (look at the documentation given with your printer).
  11. Once you see it on the network you can add it as a printer.  

Be sure to update that registration each time you move!  :)

*Note that when connected properly, most printer models will allow anyone on the network- i.e., your entire house- to print to your printer.  


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