Connecting a Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor to the wireless network

Some products in this category (e.g. d-link cameras) only support wireless setup through WPS or through a wired connection on a home router. If your product is such a product, please follow these steps to successfully setup and connect to the 'Stanford Residences' wireless network. The way to register these cameras is a little tricky, so follow these steps carefully:

1. Register the camera as a wired device and note down the IP address that is assigned to it (it should start with 128.12). At this point you should set the camera's firewall setting to be 'open' (just remember to return it back to 'closed' or 'web server' when you're done).

2. Connect your computer to the wired network as well (the computer must be registered as a wired device already, and the wireless connection should be disabled).

3. Enter the IP address that's assigned to the camera into a web browser on your computer. A management interface should open up.

4.  Go to the network setting, and set the camera to connect to the "Stanford Residences" network.

5. Access the Stanford network registrations page again and update the camera as a wireless device. If your device doesn't have separate hardware addresses for wired and wireless connections, move the hardware address from the device's "wired hardware address" to the "wireless hardware address" fields. Note down the IP address that's assigned to the device (should start with 10.30).

6. Disconnect your computer from the wired network and connect it to the wireless network. Turn off the camera and wait for 10 minutes.

7. Power up the camera. After a few minutes it should be connected to the 'Stanford Residences' wireless network, and you should be able to access it through your computer's web browser (as before) using the wireless address assigned to it.

This is the procedure to use in registering these devices, but mind that it takes several attempts sometimes. These cameras do not support any other form of manual setup, and this is the only method we have found to successfully connect them to the network.


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