Summer RCC FAQ

This is where we will place frequently asked questions specifically for Summer RCC positions.  Stay tuned!*  


How does compensation work? 


Can I have off-campus job/internship?


Can I have on-campus job/internship?




Note: As an RCC- you can add  questions *and* answers to this section yourself! 


Please let us know if you have any additional questions by sending an email to:



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    Sherman Leung

    Can't seem to edit the FAQ post above but I'm interested in:

    1. Is there information regarding salary/compensation from past years of RCC-ing?

    2. Do graduate RCC's have to confer their bachelor's degree to qualify for summer graduate RCC-ing?

    3. What is the housing situation for graduate RCCs that staff only over the summer: do we get placed into a housing arrangement with existing roommates or is there an option to choose a roommate (as there is with summer undergraduate RCC-ing)

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