Stanford Network Registration Tool (SNRT)

What exactly does the SNRT do?

How can I make the SNRT go faster on a Windows Machine?

What operating systems are supported by the SNRT? What if I'm running something other than Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista or 7? 

I ran the SNRT last year, but when I try to register it keeps sending me back here. Why?

I've run the SNRT over and over again/or I keep trying to update my computer by going to Microsoft Update (for Windows)/Software Update (for Macs), but there are one or two updates that just won't install successfully. What should I do?

When I run the SNRT, it can't find any of my hardware addresses. What should I do?

I've already completed the registration process for this computer, but when I try to connect it keeps sending me back to the registration system. Why?


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