How do I get a Public IP address?

You can request a Public IP address when first registering a device, or by "updating" an existing registration later.  Specifically:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Student" button
  3. Click the "Skip to my registrations" link and confirm your identity. On the page that opens...
  4. For new registrations, click the "New Registration" link. To update an existing registration, click the "update" link for that device.
  5. Follow the prompts until you get to the one that says "Firewall Setting".
  6. Click the "click here to set" link
  7. Select the "Server" or "Advanced Server" option based on your needs.  You should only click the "Open" setting if you really really really know what you're doing.  This will assign a Public IP address for a wired connection only, and any wireless connection will remain Private. If you would like a Public Wireless IP address as well... 
  8. Select the Wireless IP "Public" option.
  9. Select the related options for "Reason for requesting a public wireless IP"
  10. Click the "Submit" button. 

If you get any type of error message, contact your RCC for assistance. 

 More information:

At Stanford, all registrations receive a Private IP address by default. If you prefer it, a public IP address allows direct access to that device from any other device over the Internet. A web server, email server and any server device directly accessible from the Internet are candidate for a public IP address. Since a public IP address provides direct access to the device from anywhere on the Internet, one should assume that said device will be subject to attack at all times. You must be able to manage and secure the device yourself, as the University will not be liable for anything that might happen to that device as a result.   We strongly recommend that you review and understand the University Computer and Network Usage Policy prior to activating a public IP address for your device(s).

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