Schwab and Highland GSB students connection instructions

The instructions are up to date as of 2016-2017 academic year. 

GSB Internet and Device Connecting Procedures

Please complete connect your computer or cellphone by completing Section I before continuing to the second page


Section I. Connecting Laptops and Cellphones (devices with native browser capabilities)

  1. Connect to the wireless network SSID: Stanford

  2. Open up your browser, it should automatically direct you to the self registration page. If not, go to

  3. Follow the instructions provided on that page. If prompted, download the Stanford Self Network Registration Tool and follow the instructions outlined

  4. After completing the network registration tool, wait 20 minutes. You should be able to use the internet after that period of time

  5. If all else fails, proceed to Section II, step 2

Section II. Connecting devices without browser capabilities (Apple TV, Amazon Echo, etc.)

(due to network security measures, these devices must be manually connected by

the GSB RCCs)


  1. If you know how to find the MAC address of your device, write down that number
    Else ignore step 1, and proceed to step 2

  2. Go to to submit a request.

  3. Fill out the fields. In Category, please put “Network -> Residential” and in Residential/Location please put “Grad -> Schwab” or “Grad -> Highland” depending on where you live.
    In the descriptor field, include what device you are trying to connect and please include the MAC address of that device.

  4. Your RCCs (Peter Wang or Megan Fazio) will be in touch with you shortly.
    The beginning of the year is extremely busy for us, so we appreciate your patience.

GSB Internet and Device Connecting Procedures
Page 2: Secure Connection and Printing

Section III. Connecting to Stanford Secure Network

  1. Go to and click on the corresponding option (usually it should be wireless)

  2. Follow the instructions and download the proper security certificates.

  3. Go to your network settings and connect to “Stanford Secure”. If you’ve completed the process, it should connect automatically without prompting for username and password

  4. This step must be completed before connecting to Stanford printing

Section IV. Printing at Stanford

    1. Go to

    2. Select the proper OS for your device


  • **REMEMBER** You must be connected to “Stanford Secure” or the VPN in order to print


  1. If you have a problem, go to to submit a request. Remember to fill in the correct location!


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