Trouble Connecting a Personal Printer

The first thing to check is that the user is connecting the printer to the network in the same way (wired or wireless) as the other devices they want to connect to the printer with.

If the user can only connect one or the other wired and are unable to use them both on the same connection type, they have two options:

1) Use a personal router to set up a local wireless connection that can still be wired with an ethernet cable to the other device, but connecting the two through the router.

2) Connecting the printer via USB and not using the Stanford network for the printer.


If the user has both or all devices on the same type of connection (wired or wireless) and are still unable to connect to the printer, the issue may be a problem with the subnet of the devices. If they are connecting to different subnets, they will be unable to see each other locally on the network. 

The IP addresses that the devices are connecting to can be checked at using their MAC addresses.


If the IP addresses of the devices do differ, find their respective nodes in and then change the IP address to the same subnet that matches their residence, which can be found at


After the devices are set to the same subnet have the user uninstall their printer from their computer completely, reconnect their printer to the network, and re-add the printer to their computer. A connection should now be able to be established.


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